Sexual offences

  • H H: First major sexual grooming gang case in the country. Caused National debate because of the comments of a former Justice Secretary that Pakistani men were targeting young white girls. Our client was acquitted in two separate trials.
  • N K: A sadistic serial Rapist who preyed on prostitutes. Acquitted of in excess of 20 allegations of rape.
  • L B: Serial Rapist attacking women in the South of Birmingham. Major breakthrough came when a photo was captured of the attacker using a cashpoint card of one of the victims. Police arrested L B and convinced themselves that he was responsible for all the attacks that had taken place. Over 28 identification parades had been held. Further attacks took place whilst L B was in custody, however, Police believed these were the acts of a copycat. L B finally released when a Birmingham University Student escaped an attack and an offender was arrested. The offender was to confess to all attacks of which L B was accused. Successfully recovered substantial damages from Police.
  • K B: Rape of girlfriend’s friend. The complainant threatened with a hammer. K B was acquitted.
  • M R: Serial Rapist of prostitutes in the Yorkshire area M R had serious learning difficulties. Having been short changed by a prostitute he believed they all cheated him and went to wreak his revenge by raping prostitutes at knifepoint.