Serious assault

  • R v K and Others:We represented three defendants involved in a fight, in which the victim received 28 stab wounds but survived.
  • R v O:The defendant was a pensioner who returned from Bangladesh, having left his wife, 30 years his junior, for a period of three years. On his return, he heard rumours that his wife had been speaking with a local councillor while he was away. This resulted in the victim being attacked with a dati, a medieval cutting implement, severing her arm and wrist. The victim escaped the house during the attack and was saved as a result of a female pensioner confronting the defendant outside his house.
  • R v H:In a family feud, the defendants followed the victims’ car and ran it off the road into a field. The car overturned onto its roof. As the victims tried to escape, they were attacked by a large group of men wielding machetes and hammers. One victim was left in a coma.
  • R v W:During a blues party in Wolverhampton, a man who started to smoke in the dance area of a pub was approached and told to put his cigarette out or leave. He put his cigarette out but relit it a few moments later and was thrown out. He told friends, including the defendants, about his unhappiness at the way he had been treated. Several men then went to the dance area and two guns were produced. The man who had helped to eject the smoker was shot four times but survived.
  • R v K:In a neighbour dispute over nappies being thrown into a garden, the victim spoke to the defendant’s mother aggressively. She told her son, who went to the neighbour’s house. When the neighbour opened the door the defendant produced a gun and shot him.