Money laundering

  • R v O B:Monies raised through a mortgage fraud were used to make loans to the defendants to purchase properties.
  • R v R:Vast quantities of money raised through the sale of drugs were laundered through bank accounts and the purchase of property in the UK and abroad. 
  • R v H: £29 million was laundered through the purchase of expensive properties and cars,
  • R v N:Substantial amounts of car parts were stolen from Land Rover and sold through eBay. More than £1 million was laundered through sales.
  • R v S: A police admin officer was duped into placing property purchased by another into her name.  The money used to purchase the properties came from a mortgage fraud.
  • R v I:A sophisticated fraud involved a bank manager authorising fraudulent applications for loans.  The funds raised was used to purchase numerous properties by the defendants.