High profile cases

  • R v A: Election fraud carried out by Labour councillors, resulting in the first election court being held for 100 years. The case was covered by all national newspapers and TV channels.
  • R v M: A News International chauffeur alleged he was maliciously prosecuted to prevent him reporting on illegal “bungs” provided by News International to police officers. These allegations later became part of Operation Elvedon. The case was widely reported as it was proceeding at the same time as the Leveson Inquiry into press standards.
  • R v B: Investigation involving the use of an undercover officer deployed for four years
  • R v C: Deployment of two undercover officers, in which they lived on a council estate in order to infiltrate an organised criminal gang
  • R v C: A supergrass investigation into national drug trafficking ring – the case collapsed after six months of legal arguments.