Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC)

  • D F: Fight at a Snooker Club.  D F convicted of murder of deceased, having delivered one single blow. 
  • R B: Was convicted of wounding a man who had been chased into his own house and stabbed. The injured party had been wrongly identified by the assailant.
  • R v W: W was arrested for drugs offences. A review was sought on the basis that he had been a participating informant for the police and they had double-crossed him. W also alleged the police had been responsible for murder of his business associate.
  • R v F: It was alleged that paintings worth £20 million came from an aggravated burglary in the early 1980s. F alleged that the paintings never formed part of the burglary and the police had stolen them from him.
  • R v K: The case, which involved police officer jurors, was a referral from the European Court of Justice. The CCRC agreed the conviction was unsafe.