Sexual offences

Sexual offences cover a range of serious crimes, the most grave of which can carry major sentences.

The trial process is, of course, extremely stressful for the victim, but also defendants. While victims, rightly, remain anonymous, the accused and the charges they face are a matter of public record, so it is vital they seek a robust defence.

As with many serious crimes, evidence in these cases may focus on DNA. And in instances of rape, for example, the case can hinge on the word of one party against the other, if a question of consent is central.

In light of this complexity, and without a one-size-fits-all approach, those facing charges need advice from the earliest proceedings. This advice must be specialist and come from those well used to detailed defence preparation.

A selection of our sexual offence cases

  • H H: First major sexual grooming gang case in the country. Caused National debate because of the comments of a former Justice Secretary that Pakistani men were targeting young white girls. Our client was acquitted in two separate trials.
  • N K: A sadistic serial Rapist who preyed on prostitutes. Acquitted of in excess of 20 allegations of rape.
  • L B: Serial Rapist attacking women in the South of Birmingham. Major breakthrough came when a photo was captured of the attacker using a cashpoint card of one of the victims. Police arrested L B and convinced themselves that he was responsible for all the attacks that had taken place. Over 28 identification parades had been held. Further attacks took place whilst L B was in custody, however, Police believed these were the acts of a copycat. L B finally released when a Birmingham University Student escaped an attack and an offender was arrested. The offender was to confess to all attacks of which L B was accused. Successfully recovered substantial damages from Police.
  • K B: Rape of girlfriend’s friend. The complainant threatened with a hammer. K B was acquitted.
  • M R: Serial Rapist of prostitutes in the Yorkshire area M R had serious learning difficulties. Having been short changed by a prostitute he believed they all cheated him and went to wreak his revenge by raping prostitutes at knifepoint.

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