Serious assault

Serious assault charges – including wounding/causing grievous bodily harm (GBH), wounding/causing GBH with intent and attempted murder – carry heavy penalties, including a life sentence in the most serious cases.

Many solicitors have little or no experience of these types of offence but we specialise in defending clients on serious assault charges, including where organised gangs are involved.

We will provide expert advice at every stage of a case, from arrest through investigation to prosecution, and review in detail prosecution evidence as we build a defence, taking into account factors including self defence, whether reasonable force was used and whether the injuries involved were consistent with the allegation

We’ll take and thoroughly review witness statements as well as medical and forensic evidence, drawing on the expertise of other specialist professionals where appropriate.

A selection of our serious assault cases

  • R v D: Following a fire at her house, the victim was moved to a hotel room where the defendant (her nephew) was said to have poisoned and strangled her.  She was then placed in a bath to make it look like suicide, but survived. The police believed the nephew also set the fire.  The motive was to cover the nephew’s withdrawal of substantial amounts of cash, which he had used to purchase designer clothes for himself and his partner.
  • R v H and Others: We represented a defendant who, together with others, went to a relative’s house to resolve a family dispute over the sale of a dog by our client to his uncle. The uncle also attended with others. Both groups produced guns and started to shoot each other. The judge described the events like a scene out of the Gunfight at the OK Corral.  Our client received two gunshot wounds to his back, leaving him in a wheelchair.
  • R v C: The defendants were involved in large scale disorder in a prominent club in Birmingham on a busy Saturday night. One of those involved suffered life-threatening injuries, requiring 230 stitches. Another was chased and beaten with a wooden pole, rendering him unconscious.
  • R v R: A Birmingham gang split into two factions. The victim was the mother of a leader of one faction. As she opened her front door she was confronted by a member of the other faction and shot in the legs and arms at point blank range. 
  • R v B: The defendant was serving a sentence in prison, when he fell out with the victim, who was serving three life sentences for murder. The victim had boiling hot sugared water thrown over his face, causing permanent disfigurement. 

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