Anyone convicted of murder will receive a mandatory life sentence. In the most serious cases, this can mean they will never be released.

The progress of a murder inquiry often depends on what someone says or does while in police custody. Anyone facing a murder investigation needs expert advice from the earliest stage but many solicitors have little or no experience in this specialist field.

We are recognised for our expertise in defending murder cases, with particular experience in gang-related offences.

If you are facing a murder investigation, our most experienced solicitors will provide expert support during detention or questioning while our detailed approach to defence preparation involves close analysis of the circumstances and every aspect of the prosecution evidence.

Our focus is to build a robust defence, including on the grounds of intention, self-defence or provocation, or by exposing weaknesses and flaws in circumstantial evidence forming all or a significant part of the prosecution case. In some cases, it may be appropriate to seek a reduction in a murder charge to manslaughter.

A selection of our murder cases

  • R v G: Murder carried out by mummification, in which the bindings were found to be the cause of death
  • R v T: Dismemberment of body and scattering of body parts throughout the Lake District. The case was followed by the BBC and later formed the basis of a BBC documentary.
  • R v A: A gangland execution, in which the victim was shot with a sawn-off shotgun while in the driver’s seat of his car. The police alleged that the defendant left a bloody fingerprint on leaving the car. The world’s leading blood fingerprint expert, who had given evidence in the trial of OJ Simpson in America, was asked to fly in from America to carry out a destructive test to prove there was no blood in the fingerprint. As a result, the prosecution case collapsed.
  • R v G: One of only a handful of trials in British criminal history where a person was tried for murder without the body being found
  • R v W: The gangland killing of a rival gang member, the precursor to the new year’s eve shooting of innocent girls in Aston, Birmingham

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