Money laundering

Money laundering means feeding money produced by crime into banking and financial services systems, to make it appear “clean” and harder for the authorities to trace and seize.

Money laundering cases may be linked to other criminal activity, such as fraud or drug trafficking, or may affect someone simply because they trusted a family member or friend.

Tough money laundering legislation, including the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, can also put certain professionals – including people working in financial services, solicitors, accountants and estate agents – at risk of investigation or prosecution where no offence has been committed.

In money laundering cases, you need an experienced legal team on your side. We specialise in money laundering defence work and by bringing us on board at the earliest stages of a case, we can offer expert advice that can help, in some cases, to avoid a prosecution or reduce charges.

A money laundering investigation is likely to be a lengthy process, which can make this a stressful time and create real difficulties for your family or business if assets are frozen during an inquiry, as is almost always the case.

Our laundering specialists aim to move cases forward as quickly as possible and our access to forensic accountants experienced in this type of work means we can strengthen the defence with expert analysis of financial documents that can offer an alternative interpretation to the prosecution case.

A selection of our money laundering cases

  • R v W: The tragedy of the Morecombe Bay cockleshell pickers revealed the exploitation by Chinese gangmasters of Chinese immigrants in the UK. Money made by the gangmasters was laundered through the defendants’ accounts and returned to China via banks in Hong Kong.
  • R v G: A Russian gang set up corporate bank accounts to launder monies obtained fraudulently from HM Revenue & Customs. More than £10 million was involved.
  • R v M: The case involved £600 million laundered through travel agents and high street banks.
  • R v S: A multi-handed bank fraud was carried out over a Bank Holiday, when a flaw in the banking system was discovered. Substantial funds were withdrawn and used to purchase Ferraris.
  • R v M: The defendant was arrested while driving towards London. When his vehicle was searched, more than £150,000 in cash was found. Police discovered that the money was linked to the supply of drugs in the Birmingham area and was being taken to London to be laundered.

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