Fraud cases are among the most complex in the criminal courts and can involve huge sums and vast amounts of data. If you are facing investigation or prosecution for fraud, you need to work with solicitors with specialist legal knowledge and experience in this field.

We have an established reputation for successfully advising and representing clients in fraud proceedings, including cases at the highest level, involving multi-million pound sums and crossing national borders.

Our experience includes prosecutions brought by the Specialist Fraud Division of the Crown Prosecution Service and the Serious Fraud Office and allegations of offences ranging from LIBOR rigging, boiler room and mortgage fraud to tax, VAT and duty evasion.

Alongside our in-house legal expertise we have access to external specialists, including in forensic accountancy, to assist in the analysis of the documentation involved in fraud cases, which can run into tens of thousands of pages, as part of our detailed preparation of defence cases.

A selection of our fraud cases

  • R v J: Conspiracy to steal £229 million from the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. Two trespassers entered the bank and attempted to transfer monies via SWIFT (Society for Worldwide InterBank Financial Telecommunications) transfer through 21 transactions to bank accounts worldwide, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai and the Cayman Islands. Police in each destination country were involved in the investigation.   
  • R v W: Theft of €15 million from Commerz Bank in Germany, involving the transfer of money from dormant accounts. Funds were sent to destinations worldwide including Australia, America and Belize. Cross-border investigations involving the Australian, German and American authorities took place prior to a prosecution in England.
  • R v S: S ran numerous companies in Hong Kong, used to launder up to £20 million that arrived from various European countries and the Middle East. Funds were transferred to other accounts worldwide, including in the USA. A cross-border investigation involved numerous letters of requests from authorities throughout Europe, the Middle East, Hong Kong and the USA.
  • R v M: MTIC (missing trader intra-community) fraud with a value of £2.4 billion and described as the biggest ever MTIC fraud case. VAT lost by HM Revenue & Customs was £355 million. 
  • R v V: Cigarette smuggling involving a well-known criminal Italian family, which arranged for cigarettes to be transported through networks in Romania and Greece into the UK in various cover loads, including glass. The police investigation involved surveillance conducted by them outside the jurisdiction and financial enquiries across Europe. The value of duty evaded was estimated at £11 million.

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