Drug trafficking

Drug trafficking covers many offences, including manufacturing, producing, storing, supplying, importing and exporting drugs, or conspiracy to do any of these.

The most serious carry penalties of an unlimited fine and life in prison and if you are facing a drug trafficking investigation or prosecution, you will almost certainly have assets such as bank accounts frozen while your finances are looked into, followed by confiscation of assets if convicted and possibly money laundering charges.

Our team includes drug trafficking specialists, who have worked on multi-million pound cases that include importing drugs into the UK via multiple countries and prosecutions overseas.

The serious consequences of a drug trafficking conviction means you need expert advice from the moment the police show an interest in you.

Our experience means that we are in a strong position to advise you during investigations, including in questioning, and to assess the prosecution case and identify flaws, weaknesses and opportunities to seek a reduction in charges or even to have these dropped. We also have access to other experts who can help to challenge prosecution cases.

A selection of our drug trafficking cases

  • Spain v IR: IR was arrested as part of an investigation involving French and Spanish police into the importing of cocaine from South America into Europe, which included officers boarding a ship bearing a British Virgin Islands flag and discovering 3.5 tonnes of cocaine valued at more than €1.5 billion. IR, along with nine others, was prosecuted in Spain over the alleged importation. We were contacted to assist the Spanish defence team instructed by IR in relation to the case preparation as well as assisting in relation to whether the boarding in international waters of a British vessel breached international law, thereby possibly nullifying the prosecution as an abuse of process.
  • R v M: Police carried out surveillance on a large organised crime group involved in supplying heroin. When a search warrant was executed, it became clear that an industrial-sized operation for packaging heroin was taking place. The premises the group used were so contaminated with heroin that officers searching them over a four-day period had to use breathing apparatus.
  • R v B: Importation of large quantities of cocaine from the Caribbean via cruise liners leaving St Lucia and related ports. An undercover officer, deployed over an eight-year period, was used to smash the drugs ring.
  • R v K: Importation of cocaine valued at £1 billion from Costa Rica into Germany and then to Belgium and Holland. The case involved the Serious and Organised Crime Agency making enquiries in Europe, South America and USA. 
  • R v M: The case involved a drugs empire being run from inside prison using the prison phone system. We successfully argued that recordings made from intercepted calls were inadmissible evidence, leading to the prosecution case collapsing.

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